Quick Thoughts on Threads

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What is threads?

According to Instagram, “Threads is a new app, built by the Instagram team, for sharing text updates and joining public conversations.” 

It’s very similar to Twitter, with a few differences – the biggest being no usage of hashtags, no trending page, additional safety features like hidden words and community guidelines in order to keep it “friendly and open”, and no advertising available yet (but we’re sure that will be coming).

How does it work?

  • You must have a dedicated company Instagram account to set up a Threads account for the company. 
  • Posts can be up to 500 characters long
  • Links, photos and videos can also be included
  • Profiles can be public or private and you can choose who can reply to your posts (everyone, profiles you follow, or only profiles that are mentioned in your post)
  • They make it incredibly easy to set up from your IG account. You can even choose to copy over your IG bio and follow all the same accounts. 
  • The home screen is a mix of people you follow and accounts the algorithm chooses for you to see. Currently there is no way to only view content from accounts you follow. 

Should my company be on Threads?

If you have the time to dedicate to an organic presence (or want to hire Morrison to do the heavy lifting!) right now we are saying a resounding YES to joining Threads. Now is a great time to get in early to build engagement while users are still figuring the app out and having fun while doing so. Threads also makes it easy to start a following if you already have one on Instagram. By jumping in early, you can help ensure your brand account is well established by the time more users join. 

Given that Threads is an extension of Instagram and in an already popular micro-blogging space, all signs point to it being a popular app. It’s hard to say for now if it’s here to stay or will begin to fizzle out like so many other “hot” social platforms have in recent years: BeReal, Lemon8, etc. Also since it’s so new, the app will probably be working through bugs and new features for some time. 

B2B vs. B2C

While Threads is currently trending more personal and B2C right now, as is the nature of most social platforms, that doesn’t mean there’s not space for B2B companies to get involved, but it is worth noting that it’s too early to tell what the overall demographics of the app will be. 

If you already have an Instagram following for your B2B company, chances are most of them will follow you over to Threads. Threads provides a new, fresh space to post company/product updates, showcase thought leadership, drive traffic to your website, and build relationships with existing and potential customers. Currently, Threads is a more intimate space than other platforms, which makes it easier to connect and network with other users. You also never know when someone relevant could come across your content from their personal account! 

Threads Tips

Though Threads is in its infancy and will continue to evolve, the Morrison team is using and assessing the app daily. Here are a few tips to consider: 

  • For now, we’d say follow your existing brand voice but don’t be afraid to have a little fun!
  • Everyone’s trying to figure out the algorithm and what works best so it’s a perfect time to test different types of content. 
  • Threads is all about creating conversations so be sure to engage with other accounts and not just post on your own profile. 
  • Post threads that spark engagement – ask questions, ask for responses, include gifs/memes/videos, etc.
  • Differentiate your content from what you’re posting on other social apps.

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