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Endless Elasticity.

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Being elastic means exploring all possibilities. It means having the flexibility to pivot to better ideas based on the most current data. It means coming from a place of yes and why not. But in order for that flexibility to have the strength to bend and not break, we’re always grounded and guided by strategy and structure. We believe that this approach allows us to adapt to changing circumstances, embrace new ideas, and approach challenges with a broader perspective.

The leadership

Bob Morrison

Master of high level strategy with the uncanny ability to clarify complex situations and help agency teams deliver successful solutions.


Chuck Carrier
Chief Creative Officer

Former musician who grew up (sort of) and got a real job. Creative leader, presentation junkie, and oxford comma devotee.

Rebecca Lentz
Chief Client Officer

As a previous client, I aim to please. I pride myself on hard work, taco consumption, the Dawgs, and my invention of Thirsty Thursday.

Whitney Fowler
VP, Operations

Loves the outdoors, proofing and problem-solving. Always whistling. Always organized. And always ready for a game of would you rather.

Jessica O’Brien
Director of Digital Strategy

Digital strategist. MBA grad. List freak. Florida girl. Runner. I’m notorious for 4am emails, 4pm laughs, and Chipotle lunch dates.

Matt Morrison
VP, Technology

When he’s not writing code, Matt can be found solving a variety of highly complex & technical challenges such as: “why isn’t my monitor working?” or “where did that file go?”

Pryce Jackson
VP, Talent and Growth

Professional stalker, finding only the best for Morrison and _MPLOY. Interior design + all things paper obsessed. Wake surfing in the summer is my jam.

Ansley Kuppens
Director of Finance

Gatekeeper of all that comes in and goes out. Fastest check cutter around. Whether at a tea party with my little girls or on a patio drinking wine with friends, I’m always enjoying life!

Devon Suter
Associate Creative Director

Agency veteran. Ex advertising teacher. Future corgi breeder. 1st draft writer of most of the things.

Claire McQuithy
VP, Media

Budget planner and strategic dollar spender extraordinaire. Happiest when details are organized in a spreadsheet. Always found with a book in hand.

Amanda Forgione
Chief Executive Officer

This agency is my family. Our clients – my pride. The work – my passion. Advertising is in my blood and dancing to Yacht Rock is in my soul.