Rebranding for success in the children's beverage market. And crushing forecasts along the way.


good2grow saw a unique opportunity to drive growth in the sluggish children’s beverage market. It knew that by making drinking healthy AND fun, kids would want good2grow and parents could feel good about giving it to them. The company sought to be the leader in healthy children’s beverages both in the convenience and grocery channels by providing fun packaging and great tasting, quality products that encourage increased consumption.

To support these efforts, Morrison was asked to develop a new brand for good2grow, positioning the company as the leader in the healthy beverage category for children. The objective was to generate awareness and excitement among retailers, distributors, and parents, placing good2grow in a class above its competition from a digital perspective.


The rebranding efforts started with a fresh, new brand identity. Our team worked to consolidate three existing brands into one we named good2grow. The new name—and it’s corresponding brand identity—portrays the company as a health conscious brand, and a healthy alternative to other products in the category. In addition, we redesigned the good2grow product packaging to evoke a more health-focused design, which paired nicely with the brand’s existing character caps.

Next, we fundamentally redesigned and re-architected the good2grow website to tell the brand story in a visually compelling way. The website needed to showcase the company’s unique relationships with top names in children’s entertainment, while educating parents on the better-for-you beverage options good2grow offers.

To drive traffic to the website, we ran print ads in trade publications and executed an extensive search marketing campaign. These media efforts generated email signups that funneled users into a marketing automation program aimed at keeping good2grow top of mind for moms. Further, to highlight the key benefits of good2grow, we created a series of videos. These spots were used in an extensive pre-roll video campaign that ran across a number of network websites.

Lastly, we teamed up with high-profile Viners to produce organic content featuring good2grow’s unique packaging—making the product the feature of their videos.


As a result of the rebranding and advertising campaign, all major retailers responded more positively than the company had ever experienced. According to IRI data, the brand quickly became the highest velocity product in children’s beverages in the c-store channel and 3rd overall, behind only Pepsico and The Coca-Cola Company. good2grow also broke into the grocery channel where it had previously been shut out while convenience retailers expanded SKUs across the board. This success exceeded the company’s forecasts and broke all records.