The world doesn't change itself.

So we built a team that will.

Aimee Berry

Senior UX Designer
Design is my passion, I’m into boho fashion. Weakness for 90’s tunes and historic venues. Exploring and eating, climbing, yoga, reading.

Amanda Forgione

Partner / Chief Operating Officer
This agency is my family. Our clients - my pride. The work - my passion. Advertising is in my blood and dancing to Yacht Rock is in my soul.

Ansley Kuppens

Office Manager
Keeps the office running and gets the bills paid. When not hunting people down for timesheets, I can be found with a glass of rose in hand.

Ashley Sheets

Media Strategist
Experienced strategist skilled at building brands and driving results. Making connections with consumers is what I do best. I love to travel - anywhere and everywhere.

Bob Morrison

Chairman, CEO
Master of high level strategy with the uncanny ability to clarify complex situations and help agency teams deliver successful solutions.

Claire McQuithy

Associate Director of Media
Media nerd and organization enthusiast with a heart for dogs, Atlanta, live music, a good laugh, and DJ Khaled on Snapchat.

Devon Suter

Associate Creative Director
Token Gen-Xer. Creative Circus teacher. Criterion Collection superfan. Winner of Dec. '99 Maxim Magazine caption contest.

Dijana Kunovac

Senior Social Media Strategist
Social media addict. I really like Tupac & Harry Potter - in that order. People mispronounce my name a lot. I am also foreign & tall. #FILA

Douglas Rogers

Associate Director of Development
Ex-rapper turnt developer. Sneakerhead, cereal connoisseur & lover of good movies. In other words: The coolest nerd that you'll ever meet.

Heather Byrd

UX Designer
Graphic Designer who has a solid obsession with queso and traveling. Self proclaimed Disney nerd and professional bargain shopper. Go Dawgs!

Jeff Bryant

Director of Production
Impressive hat collection. Bleeds PMS485. Solid proponent of decreased 0-60 times. 3 decades in advertising.

Jennifer Raj

Content and Research Director
Brand builder and defender. Content and spreadsheet nerd. Peach on the outside, Buckeye at heart. Boymom x3 who could really use a nap.

Joey Sanchez

Senior Media Planner
Cookie Monster for all things digital. Karate Choppin' data all day everyday. Expressive eyebrows for life. Cookies?

Jon Garcia

Associate Director of Design
Geeky graphic designer & minor miracle worker. Equally passionate about UI/UX design, comic books & film. First to greet the dog at a party.

Kyle Lewis

Chief Creative Officer
A creative since kindergarten who wants his epitaph to read, “He loved great ideas and the people who created them."

Lachlan Heywood

Director of Development
Designer turned developer. Token penal colony export and Vegemite expert. Lover of beer, coffee, motorcycles, and every of the internets.

Megan Hawkins

Director of Strategy
Marketing automation nerd by day, (cheap) wine connoisseur by night. I find insights and create strategic frameworks to achieve clients’ business objectives. Avid runner and as a result, never not hungry.

Pryce Jackson

Director of Talent + Growth
Professional stalker, finding only the best for Morrison. Interior design + all things paper obsessed. Wake surfing in the summer is my jam.

Rachel Stigall

Project Manager
Dominating projects from start to finish with a personality bubblier than champagne. Always found with a cup 1/2 full... War Eagle!

Rebecca Lathem

Account Director
As a previous client, I aim to please. I pride myself on hard work, taco consumption, the Dawgs, and my invention of Thirsty Thursday.

Richard Evelyn

Group Account Director
Georgia born account leader, optimist, dad to girls -- and dogs. Bulldawg loyalist. Curiosity propels me, bright shiny people attract me.

Richard Morgan

A simple farm boy, happily floating in many mediums, ensuring everything sparkles, while remaining perpetually optimistic.

Suzanne Durden

Senior Project Manager
Can often be found at someone else’s desk talking a project out. Unapologetically obsessed with my dog, adventurous traveling and snacks.

Tori Pangburn

Project Manager
Georgia Bulldawg fueled by chai lattes and sarcasm. You'll usually find me dancing, laughing at my own jokes or petting all the dogs.

Vickie Hunter

Chief Financial Officer
Keeper of the cash & resource of the humans. Savvy CPA who loves words almost as much as numbers. Harsh critic of animal & grammar abusers.

Wes Gibbs

Visual oriented developer who loves writing code, drinking cold coffee, bicycling and tv binge-watching.

Whitney Fowler

Director of Project Management
Loves the outdoors, proofing and problem-solving. Always whistling. Always organized. And always ready for a game of would you rather.

Global Capabilities

We’re a proud member of ICOM, the world’s leading independent communications network, comprised of more than 80 agencies from around the world. Through our ICOM network, we’re ready to help your business tell your story in the most effective way possible. Wherever. Whenever. However.

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