Mitsubishi Electric Commercial

A big support network deserves a big campaign


Within the commercial HVAC industry, awareness of VRF was expanding, but some professionals had been slow to adopt because they lacked experience with the technology. In addition, research indicated that within the VRF category, no definitive product attributes stood out, and our target audiences had minimal perceived differentiation between competing brands.

This insight presented a unique opportunity to take advantage of the sea of sameness and adjust Mitsubishi Electric’s advertising strategy to further set the brand apart from the competition. By communicating the brand’s core strengths and honing in on what truly matters to the target audiences, Mitsubishi Electric would be able to drive increased adoption of its VRF systems.


To start, our team conducted positioning statement testing to identify the brand attribute that resonated the most with the target audiences. This testing revealed that, due to the scale and complexity of commercial HVAC projects, manufacturer service and support is seen as immensely important and valuable—from design to install to running and maintaining the system. To embrace an unfamiliar technology, key stakeholders need to feel fully supported in the decision.

Mitsubishi Electric stands head and shoulders above the rest in its reputation for service. As such, Morrison developed a creative campaign to instill confidence in the brand’s ability to make implementing VRF smooth, painless, and worry-free thanks to its robust service network. Dubbed the “Big Network” campaign, it plays with scale and relevant imagery to make the message simple, unique, and memorable.

To drive awareness and leads, the concept was brought to life in a robust media campaign. The national campaign consists of cross-platform placements and high-impact executions, including programmatic display, retargeting, paid search, native social, and print.


Within the first month, the campaign was well-received and garnered strong engagement from the target audiences. Over 1 million impressions were generated, resulting in 2.2K clicks and 27 interactions with the brand. In addition, the creative’s unique visual approach stands out and drives attention in both digital and print executions, and has received positive feedback from the industry.

  • 1.3M Impressions (Month 1)
  • 2.2K Clicks (Month 1)
  • 27 Post-Click Engagements (Month 1)