Georgia Commute Options

Building apps to commute smarter, not harder.


Georgia Commute Options, a partnership with Georgia Department of Transportation, is a program designed to alleviate traffic and improve air quality in Metro Atlanta. The Ride Sharing program offers free services and incentives that help commuters switch from driving alone to utilizing clean commute alternatives, such as carpooling, vanpooling, taking the train, and biking.

To encourage program participation and retention, we worked with Georgia Commute Options to build a native mobile app to make it easier to register for the program, facilitate the process of finding carpool matches, and simplify the daily commute logging process.


As a result, Morrison designed and built a leading-edge iOS application, aimed at driving engagement with the Ride Sharing program. The app enables users to sign up, track their commutes, and find carpool partners, all while boasting a slick user experience. The app will be available for iOS users later this year, and Android users shortly thereafter.