CAIRE Medical

Disruptive marketing breathes new life into a sleeping giant.


For years, Chart Industries has been a global leader in manufacturing energy, life science, and respiratory equipment, but primarily focused on the B2B channel. Morrison was hired to relaunch their CAIRE Medical respiratory product brand with the intent to include a robust direct-to-consumer program.

Despite being the creators of the original oxygen concentrator, the market had long been dominated by entrenched competitors, saturating the market with big budget advertising. CAIRE needed a compelling brand identity and value proposition that would leverage their heritage in this space, instilling confidence among consumers, despite the perception that it was a newer brand.

Along with developing a new brand identity, we were tasked with building an ambitious awareness and lead generation program, comprehensive e-commerce focused web experience, and ongoing drip campaign driving product purchases online and over the phone.


Our program was based on a single human truth: oxygen patients fear they’ll lose the ability to do the things that matter most to them. With CAIRE’s portable oxygen solutions, we can remove that fear from the minds of potential customers. The campaign depicts patients in meaningful moments they cherish before using oxygen products of any kind — creating a peace of mind that their day-to-day lives do not have to be negatively impacted by their diagnosis.

Advertising was backed by a comprehensive media plan leveraging PPC, social, display, and retargeting tactics to drive leads to the CAIRE website. The new web experience was designed around the emotional appeal of the consumer campaign while simplifying the search for the right product for their specific oxygen therapy needs.

Each interaction across all of these touchpoints is monitored and used to inform ongoing email communication via a synchronized marketing automation program and retargeting campaign that is informed by user behavior to deliver future complementary communication.


Within the first two months of launch, site visits, session time, page views, and time on site all increased over 45% in comparison to the previous program, with media generating 2.1 million impressions and 11K engagements. While this battle has just begun, early returns prove we’re on the right track to delivering on CAIRE’s direct-to-consumer ambitions.

  • 48% Increase In Site Traffic
  • 2.1 Million Impressions
  • 11K Engagements