Our Approach

The Right Strategy

Strategy is informed by an understanding of the business category, product insights, customer needs, and what we know about human behavior in general. Marketing research reveals all purchase decisions are driven by emotion, then reinforced by rational argument.

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  • Product
  • Customer
  • Human

Our marketing strategies leverage the most compelling truth about the product and the emotional relevance to the consumer.

The Right Message

It’s the creative hook that draws people into the brand experience. Sometimes the experience is affinity for the brand through mass communications, other times it’s the digital lure that pulls them directly into a purchase funnel resulting in qualified sales leads.

In all cases, we believe the main job of the creative is to stand apart from the sea of sameness that exists in most categories.

The Right Technology

Understanding the technology that’s used to tell your story is only the beginning. How technology fits into the lives of your audience is key.

The goal is to hit the target where it counts, with just the right arrow. And we have all sorts of arrows.


VR Goggles


The Right Process

This is where many agencies fall down. Ask your agency for a detailed explanation of how they integrate technology and creative.



They’ll likely stumble over the answer. At Morrison, we have a proprietary and elegantly simple ideation process that utilizes the best of what technology start-ups and traditional agencies have brought to the creative process. The result is a super efficient means of generating a lot of great ideas very quickly.

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